Applications Development and Maintenance


IT applications are lifeline of modern business organizations.  IT applications must align, nurture and grow with the business requirements of the organizations. On an ongoing basis, these applications have to adapt to the changes in the business and competitive environments requiring constant maintenance and support .

Application development and maintenance remains a key area of focus for Suventure.Our expertise spans across various technology platforms from web and desktop based applications to tablets, mobile, or any other devices.

— Architecture and design

— Development

— Testing

— Independent Verification and Validation


— System Integration

— Maintenance and Support

Maintenance and support is a key offering from managed services group at Suventure. Applications are maintained 24/7, 365 days driven by customer specified and mutually agreed SLAs and industry standard processes and methodologies.

Suventure team has a credible track record of supporting global customers in distributed cross cultural and linguistic environments. Suventure support processes are based on ITIL and ISO standard processes to deliver reliable predictable and consistent results. Our teams are flexible and open to align with customer specific processes and tools wherever appropriate and necessary.