Mobile apps and mobility have become inseparable for humans today. More than 60% of the people of today’s generation prefer to use mobile apps to manage their lives and make it easy. Whether it is E-commerce platform, online payments, travel booking, news and updates for almost everything there are mobile apps available.

Suventure, as an IT services, platforms and products company, has strong capability in the vast area of Mobile application development and maintenance. We handle a wide range of services in this area which range from designing a mobile technology adoption strategy to extending existing enterprise applications and web services to mobile platforms, or developing grounds up mobile applications. Suventure works with client businesses and toolset partners, aligns with client business objectives, and provides the best solution to meet those objectives within given timeframes and restrictions.

To make sure that we give the best services to our clients, Suventure hires high quality resources and developers and promises a world class solution delivery as a resultant of our engagements.

From the technology stand point we are strong on

1. React Native,

2. Android, iOS (Objective C, Swift).

3. iOS (iPhone/iPad),

4. Hybrid Apps, and

5. HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript (JQuery).

We believe in agile software development and we practice it with all our clients and projects. To make sure the client is aware about the work progress, we interact on regular basis using various software solutions like JIRA, Slack, GitHub, Skype etc.