Product Engineering


Product engineering is generally a complex and resource heavy process.

As it is rightly said, that software is a great combination of artistry and engineering. Product engineering is a very salient aspect for any company dealing with Software Development. At Suventure, we have a good history of working with Product companies and complementing them on how their product can be a right fit for their target market.

Suventure as Strategic partner to our clients brings the best value in supporting our clients with their product life cycle and product development. We make sure that we bring the right value to the product of our client.

As rightly said that ‘time is precious and it waits for none’ and we truly believe in it and that’s why we always honor the deadlines and make sure that the product is ready on time.

We take care of all the following aspects as part of our product engineering:-

-- Architecture and design

-- Prototyping

-- Development

-- Product Integration and Testing

-- Independent Verification and Validation

-- Product Maintenance and Support

-- Product Engineering Lifecycle Management

-- Captive (Dedicated) Offshore Centers

-- R & D Services